Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More School Ideas

Letter S

I found these sensory tray ideas here. I made one tray with water and sea animals and the other with sand and land animals and thing. The girls poured salt and food coloring into the water to make it more like the ocean. Unfortunately the salt was not good for the girls' sensitive skin and little M. wouldn't play in the water tub. I used whatever figurines I had for this activity. A lot of them came from the alphabet tubs. Abigail had fun giving all of the toys a bath at the end of the week before we put them back in the tubs.

I saw this idea when I was working at the Montessori school. The pumpkin was there for the poking. The girls got to decide when and how. 

We have been working on learning to tie a bow. I saw on Pinterest an idea of using jump ropes to help practice this skill. It really works. I recommend it. The girls love to get up after their bow is tied and then try to walk.

Here they are putting on a puppet show of Silly Sally. This is one of their favorites.

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