Monday, February 17, 2014

Random Photos Plus a Dollhouse Fieldtrip

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. Yum! 
The girls wore their costumes to school.

Christy took us on a special field trip to the Great American Dollhouse Museum.
We let them start out in the play area. Then we toured the museum. I love looking at all of the little dollhouses and the amazing details.
 The final activity was getting to build our own "dollhouses." We were provided lots of scrap materials, an empty box, glue, and markers.

Our girls had to be coaxed not to spend all of their time coloring on the boxes with markers. We lined our boxes with wall paper samples and carpet samples. Then we got to work creating our miniature worlds. The little girls focused mostly on making their roofs pretty. Apparently the roofs must be well decorated.

I made a zoo. The giraffe took up most of my time. I had to hold it together while the wood was drying.

This is Abby's box. She ended up making hers a party room. 

Christy's really looked like a bedroom. She had so many creative ideas. I love the detail. Love it.

Matti's box was pretty. She added as many decorations as she could.

We loved this project. I could spend hours doing this kind of thing. It was a great activity. It's now February and Abby still won't let us get rid of her box.


Jenny said...

Fun! Miniatures are my favorite.

Greg & Chris said...

Couldn't believe the giraffe idea! Creativity beyond my imagination! Fun memory:)