Saturday, February 15, 2014

Special Assembly

Christy, a Physician's assistant and exceptional teacher, came to visit our class to teach about health. She did a great job of incorporating our current letter into her presentation. The girls were captivated and learned so much!

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She was so patient as she carefully explained the different tools that doctors and nurses use to measure symptoms and to check out our bodies.

They each got a turn to play doctor. They looked so cute as they listed to each other's heartbeats.

She even let them write out their own prescriptions. 
 We absolutely love it every time that she visits our class. She is such a great teacher and obviously loves the girls. That was a great day. I am impressed how she is always willing to sit down on the floor with the girls and how she is great at simplifying complex scientific processes.


Jenny said...

As I read through all the preschool posts, I'm amazed at the effort and creativity you put into each lesson. Wow.

Greg & Chris said...

One of my favorite days!!!! Betcha they know more than lots of nurses!!! Attentive, phenomenal little students:)