Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Abigail Artwork

Q-tip painting. I'm saving this one. I love the colors.


elmer's and glitter

markers and buttons - sorry the photo is blurry. She made and designed this herself. She got help with the squirrel and that was it. She saw these yellow sparkly buttons at wallyworld on clearance and asked me to buy them for her. Then she used them to create this. It blew me away.

crayons - based on the movie Frozen


markers - I find lots of notes right now (two or three a day) made for me. She puts them on my side table by my bed. It is so sweet that she shows me her love so willingly. I have started saving some of these. I put them in my drawers, bags, craft room, etc. so that I when I randomly find them years from now, they will make me smile.

Her attempt at a thank you note. Lots of love.

markers - she patiently colored in most of this page.

markers - rainbows are definitely a theme in her life right now.

paint on canvas - title: The House of Beauty. This painting took her several days to complete. 
cardboard, markers, state stamps from Aunt Kimberly. NOtice how she wrote her alphabet. Each letter is an animal. A for alligator, b for buttefly, c for cat, d for dinosaur, e for elephant, f for fox, g for giraffe, h for hippo, and i for iguana. This was a letter to her friend Josie.

markers on cardstock

fabric, felt, cardboard, insulation foam, vinyl, construction paper, glue. Ovals to make a turtle.

Crayons. This website has  the best coloring pages. So fun. Is this upside down? Whoops.

She is really into fancy lettering. Her thank you cards took SO SO SO long. Why does she have a birthday the same month as Christmas? Sigh.

Markers and stickers

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