Sunday, April 6, 2014

Are my pictures out of order? I Think So!

We had lots of leaves fall again this year. We can make a large leaf pile and we took advantage of those leaves for lots of fun play. They buried themselves in them, buried me in them, ran through them, kicked them around, jumped into them, threw them at people, ran around them, and just had fun in them.

I love this picture. They play together like sisters and seem to love each other. It has been so nice to watch them play together and learn together this year. I am so lucky to be their teacher.

I think that Abigail was trying to be "helpful" as we bagged up some of our leaves. She makes me laugh everyday. Although it can be momentarily stressful to be a parent of such an independent child, her boundless creativity is so entertaining when I actually take the time to join her in her imaginations and free play. I am not anxious for her to grow out of this stage.

I created a Thanksgiving tree to help the girls learn about gratitude during the month of November 2013. Every school day, I let the girls tell me what to write on several leaves and then they would add them to our tree. Here is our tree. I loved to hear the things that they were grateful for every day. It was good for me to add my leaves to the tree on a daily basis too. I haven't had the heart to take this down yet and it's already April. It's a great reminder to me, and hopefully to the girls, to be grateful for everything.

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