Wednesday, April 16, 2014

G is for Glitter because What Little Girl Doesn't Love Glitter?...These Two DO!

We, mostly I, made guitars using cardboard boxes, rubber bands, and brads. I found the idea here: . I loved that I could tighten the rubber bands to help "tune" the guitar. The girls liked decorating their guitars.

Poking out a gumball machine.

Goat in the grass with grapes. 

gloppy glue with gads and globs of glitter = happy girls and stressed out teacher.

The letters I have are all lower case, she wanted capitals.

These teach hand eye coordination, motor skills, patience, pattern following, and hard work. I am so proud of these two when they finish a difficult pattern like this one.

Eww. And we found a slug near the front door. G is for gross. However, I contained myself and allowed them fifteen minutes of gentle experimenting with this guy before we let it go free outside. Slimy, but fascinating.
We also did a science experiment on gravity based on this website. We have used several of their simple experiments in our preschool.

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