Saturday, April 12, 2014

Holidays = Family & Friends = LOVE = Awesome

Great grandma was in Tennessee with Ben's aunt Sharon visiting his cousin Jackie & family. We managed to sneak down there for an evening. It was so enjoyable to see everybody. Abby was well behaved as we all caught up and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Great-grandma is awesome. She is the kind of grandma who sends a card for every holiday. Amazing, right? She is the best! We love her. We even skype with her sometimes and we love when we get to stay at her place. All of my grandparents had passed away before I was married, and I had long felt their loss. I loved marrying into a family that gave me a grandmother again, she is great!

How come i don't have pictures of everybody else? I know that pictures were taken. I wonder where they are....

We also traveled several hours north to visit our friends and to share Thanksgiving dinner with them. They were so kind to host us. It was definitely worth the trip. We met them while we were in graduate school and really enjoy spending time with them. While there we tended to kids, saw Frozen, ate at an amazing BBQ restaurant, played games, watched movies, learned about melty beads (one of Abby's new obsessions), did crafts, made lots of noise, ate delicious food, and had great conversations. I am glad that we got to see them again. They were even kind enough to babysit while Benjamin and I attended a session at the temple. Four hours away = not far at all. :) Kellie is so impressively chill a midst the chaos of her children, plus mine, plus another friends all running and screaming through one house. She impresses me. I want to be more like her.

I brought the supplies for apple turkeys! 

She found buttefly wings and didn't take them off. She also found this play dough dental set and stuck with it LONG after the other children lost interest. She built all of the teeth, then she added a cavity to every single tooth. She finished by filling in every single tooth. This project kept her interest until she had completed everything she wanted to.

They have "angry bird" ring pops in their mouths. They thought it was super funny to run around and peck us.

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