Sunday, April 20, 2014

It Was Wiggly and Then it Fell Out

Our little girl was pretty excited about her first wiggly tooth. She wiggled it for almost a month. She was so proud of herself. She likes the fact that she is an "early toother" as she calls herself. She was four when this one started wiggling and just barely five when it came out.

 She had been talking about having her dad pull it out for her, brave child, but luckily it fell out on it's own while she was eating an apple. The tooth was washed, prized, and carefully guarded in a padded box. She called the grandmothers and anyone else who would listen. She was so excited. We went out to eat that evening and she hoped that the tooth fairy would come while we were out. She didn't. She went to bed that night, eager for a glimpse of the fairy. The fairy probably had a hard time finding the tooth as it was hidden in between two pillows and directly under said child's head. Abigail felt pretty rich the next morning, since the fairy paid in dimes and it looked like a large pile of dimes to a five-year-old. She looks so grown up with a hole in her mouth.

Here we are making Christmas cookies. This is a great sugar cookie recipe that my college friend Joy gave me. We used the Christmas cookie cutters that get little use and had fun decorating these cookies for preschool the next day. December is a fun, but busy month.

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