Friday, April 25, 2014

J for Jesus

We made reindeer hats based on the tutorial found here: / They were especially cute because the "antlers" were made using the handprints of the student.
I started having the girls keep a book or a journal of sorts. They are to illustrate a picture and then write a "story" or a sentence to describe it. This time she decided to draw the nativity story. I loved it. At this stage the girls were telling me what they wanted to write and then I would dictate back letter by letter how to write. 

The First Christmas, baby Jesus was born. The three wise men gave baby Jesus gifts. Mary and Joseph look at baby Jesus.
 We also made Christmas cookies.

and Christmas gingerbread trains. We have a lot of fun, but I like how the girls get to use their hands so often and to strengthen those muscles. I am also proud of their creativity.

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