Saturday, April 26, 2014

On Our Way

The night before we left to visit my parents for Christmas, we had a minor emergency at our house. Abby was out of bed and being sneaky. She climbed into the window seat cupboard and it closed and smashed her thumb. She had a toy in her mouth similar to the one pictured below and was so startled when her finger got smashed that she swallowed it. I was pretty scared. This toy is part of a necklace set and is as big as a quarter. After consulting several friends, no one was too concerned so we just let it pass, literally. 
We didn't have any problems on the drive and although abby's finger was black and blue for months, it never fell off.

She has become a great traveler and entertains herself well on the drive. We checked out audio books on the kindle through our public library and she enjoyed listening to Fancy Nancy and other books. This was our last big road trip in our four door sedan.

Everybody was happy to see each other. We got there late, but luckily the greeting party was excited and cuddly.

She and Chessie had to become reacquainted. They were both jealous of each other.

The toy room was her favorite place to play.

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