Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Most Awesome Gingerbread Project

My mom planned so many fun activities for us during our visit. One of the highlights was making a gingerbread nativity. She baked the actual gingerbread pieces ahead of time.

We marked out the patterns on them as we prepared to frost the characters.

My dad supervised, or at least watched.

We were pretty proud of the set up. We put frosting on a marble slab that I used to use to make suckers when I was a teenager. Then we coated that with toasted coconut (my mom's great idea) and made a fence out of chocolate covered pretzels. The stable was hard to stabilize, ironically. We used lots of toothpicks to try and help it out, it didn't fall although it was a little lopsided.

She was very creative and precise in her decorating.

Benjamin was pretty creative too as he decorate the roof and made a path.

Our hands were so sore as we pipe out the precise decorations.

Perry made it out on our trip and continued his surprises and antics. Abby loved finding this note from Perry written using scrabble Cheez-its.

Pictures of the final product to come. It was hard for Abby to wait to eat the gingerbread nativity, while the rest of us just wanted it for decoration.

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