Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I was really spoiled this year for my birthday. So many people were so kind to me. I love and appreciate everyone who spent time thinking about me and wishing me happy birthday. I am very blessed and lucky and love all the great people in my life. I received so many special gifts, some that I still use on a daily basis. Thanks to all of you!!!

For example, my daughter surprised with this video. Short but so incredibly sweet.

One of my favorite gifts was a genius gift idea that my friend and I worked out. We decided that to celebrate our birthdays (which are fairly close together) we would have a girls get-away blogging weekend. That was our gift, because it is so hard to find the time necessary to blog. I mean look at me, it's already May and I'm still blogging about early January.
We split a hotel room and spent the weekend blogging. I got so many posts done that weekend. We also ate some great food and did some shopping on Friday. We worked hard on Saturday though. We had a four p.m. checkout (thanks to the nice lady at the front desk). We didn't leave the room until about 3:30 p.m. We just snacked on food that we had brought with us and we organized photos, uploaded photos, and blogged. It was amazing how much I got done, although we weren't feeling too well as the hunger started setting in around 2:00 p.m.

 I didn't blog again for several months following this trip. I need to do this more often. Best tradition ever!!! It ended too soon. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with one of my good friends. Again, I'm so lucky to know so many great people!

Here we are celebrating our birthdays with a 2,000 calorie slice of cake from PF Chang's. The Great Wall of Chocolate is worth it, but don't eat the whole thing yourself, just saying.

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