Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Field Trip - The Titanic

We scheduled a surprise field trip for the girls to an exhibit about the Titanic. In preparation, I read many books with the girls about this cruise ship and I learned lots about it. The girls were fascinated by the story, despite how gruesome it is. The library was a great resource. The day finally arrived and I asked the girls to guess where we might be going. Abby always has high expectations and guessed that we were going in a submarine to visit the actual wreckage of the ship. Ha!

She LOVED the exhibit though. No pictures were allowed, so I only have a few. Each of us was given a boarding pass with the name of an actual passenger on the Titanic. We knew where they were from, what they were traveling on the ship for, which class of ticket they purchased, and who they were travelling with.  At the end of the exhibit we found out that three of our ticketed passengers had survived the trip, while one had not.

I was pretty proud about our knowledge of the event when the tour guides tried to tell us information and the girls piped up and answered her questions correctly.

Their favorite part was a solid ice wall that was part of the exhibit. The girls were able to touch it and feel how cold and hard it was.

What a horrible tragedy to see what happened to the passengers and crew of this amazing cruise ship, however I am very grateful for all the regulations that now exist to protect newer cruise liners from similar fates.

It was also neat to see the items that have been recovered from the wreckage. Some of them seem to be in perfect condition still.
These two are so fun together. They are really like sisters.

There was a "captain" who walked through the exhibit and was very good with children. He hired our two girls to be "mice-catchers" on the ship. He paid them with a small token/toy. They weren't so sure about their new employment and regarded him warily. He was still kind enough to pose with us for a picture.

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