Friday, May 2, 2014


My mother has always loved Christmas. When I was young, she was a collector of Christmas trees and nativities. We had several throughout our living room and it was entire days work to decorate them. She was even featured in the local paper one year because she had something like twenty-three trees up in our living room. She currently doesn't have the space for all of the trees, so now she displays more nativities than trees.

This year I took some pictures of some of her nativities. Many of these were gifts from others. Many she spent years collecting piece by piece. Others were collected for her by her children as they traveled around the world. Some she created herself. They are truly a treasure.

It is so fun to see all of them in her living room. She even had some that Abigail could play with.

This is one that I bought (Lladro) while I was in Spain and had it sent home. I was so excited when it came with the creche.

I bought this one while I was in Panama. It is carved out of soapstone.

I think Kyle bought this one in Chile.

Karolyn bought this one in Russia.

This one is from Chile too, it is very small and the backdrop is actually a matchbox.

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