Saturday, May 3, 2014

Travel Fun

We absolutely love getting to visit my parents. We are so grateful that they hosted us. 

We also love that they live so close to Washington, D.C. We have had so many neat experiences and seen so many amazing things.

Notice that these pajamas are short-sleeved, in future pictures you will see white sleeves on them. My super-talented mother found time to sew sleeves on them for her.

The national zoo, which is always free, had a special zoo lights night (or maybe season). We went and enjoyed all the fun lights, light shows, and animals. She was so happy and literally bounced around. My dad spent the whole time with his eye glued to his new video camera. She pretended that she was Elsa and that she had created all of the lights that we were seeing. I wonder if he has ever watched all the footage that he got of her. I should maybe try to get my hands on some of those files. :)

I had to let her ride the carousel. She loves carousels. This was a great carousel in that it is solar powered and stores energy from the sun. Wow.

Another day we went to Union Station. 

and the national Post Office Museum, which was really cool.

This museum had lots of great displays, fun information, and plenty of activities to keep a young child entertained.

Her favorite part was this interactive stamp collecting game that allowed you to select your favorite stamps and then email them to yourselves. Such a good idea.
 The bad news was that we had locked ourselves out of the house. My dad had given me his key, which I had left home and my mom had left hers home because dad was with us. It took us a LONG time to get back in to the house. We looked at all the windows and doors. We were about to break a window when we found one that we thought we could open. We had to borrow tools from the neighbor and take off the outer flashing. Then, somehow, we were able to open the window a crack.
 Then we tried to put our small little daughter through that small hole but she was freaked out and didn't end up being able to open the deadbolt lock anyway. Benjamin finally managed to reach his upper torso in the window and used his hand to unlock the door and let us in. Phew. Good times. At least it was fairly warm that day.

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