Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Circus Oz

I took Abigail to a performance by a traveling circus from Australia. The pre-show was performed by some band where the women all dressed like hooker clowns and the men just looked like clowns. Some of them were really good at hula hooping. Abby watched for a short bit, but the noise of the instruments was just too much. We went to our seats in the theater.

The circus performers came and did tricks right in front of our seats while we waited for the show to start. After that, Abigail also wanted to balance on the arms of the seats and do feats of balance. 

We sat next to these two. They were on a date and were kid-free, until my child climbed into their laps and stayed there. I was jealous. Here I was on a mother/daughter date with my daughter and she abandoned me for another family.

It was a really fun show, maybe a little risque for a young child, but it all went over her head. She loved watching the stunts and was entertained by the clowns and the humor. It was a fun night.

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