Sunday, July 6, 2014

More Pictures

I wasn't extremely happy to find out that they had taken all of the empty plastic eggs and filled them with the rice/beans mixture from the sensory bucket. I was, however, proud of their creativity as they created this maraca stand. Abby is a little entrepreneur and is always thinking of ways to make money.

We studied water and food coloring. We filled each jar with water and then marked the line that it started out. We also noted the color of celery leaves. We watched over several days as the leaves changed colors and the water levels dropped.

Smencils- scented colored pencils.

We found a story called "mrs. Wishy-washy" on youtube. I found different pictures online and made them into puppets to go with the story. The girls learned the story and were able to put on the puppet show.

She is a shoe tying expert.

W is for wormy jello that didn't work out so well. Someone recommended this, but I must have done it wrong. 

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