Saturday, July 5, 2014

RE cycle

We went to an amazing exhibit at our local community arts center for a field trip. The exhibit was about recycling found objects into other objects and everything on display had been made out of something else. Even the crafts that the children created were made with extra materials.

Look close at how this "banjo" was made.

I really couldn't handle this art piece.  So many broken instruments. :(

Take an empty water bottle and cut off the bottom, then give these girls some glue and some tissue paper and they will creatively decorate them.

I liked that we were our own group. We could see the exhibits at our leisure and we didn't have to follow the schedule of a school group. The girls were able to do more things this way and they got more opportunities to observe the exhibit and to try out the instruments.

The main floor was built to look like a "natural" habitat with a walk through cave. All the flowers, insects, birds, spiders, etc. were made from found materials.

Light bulb squirrel. :)

Each large creation had a sign next to it explaining which materials had been used in its creation.

We have lots of talented artists in our community. This exhibit was so much fun! I don't seem to have a picture of it, but the cave was at least 20 feet long and it had an entrance and an exit. The walls were completely covered in used wrapping paper, many with the gift tag stickers still on them.

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thepurplecow said...

That is so cool! I should send them the contents of my basement.