Wednesday, September 24, 2014

100 Days of Preschool

I let her lead us in the reading of chicka chicka boom boom. She was so proud of being the "teacher" and really played up the role.

I made place mats ahead of time and drew snakes on them. I divided the snake into ten sections. The girls were asked to put ten stickers in each section for a total of one hundred. It was fun to see their personalities. Matti used lots of mermaid and crown stickers. Abby's were all very organized and precise.

The girls are very proud of their place mats.

Then I had them lay out one hundred fruit loops on a hundred chart. They both love patterns and did it very organized as well. Then they strung the fruit loops into a necklace. This was a perfect 100 day snack.

The beautiful necklaces didn't last long.

They completed a dot-to-dot with 100 numbers on it. It was a camel.

I found a cute idea online to make a felt 100 day shirt. So I made two. They weren't done in time for the party, but they turned out amazing.

For Matti's one hundred day project she had collected ten items and then placed them in an Easter egg. She had ten different eggs filled with groups of ten. She counted them out for us.

Here is Abby's final project.

Miss Christy joined us for the 100th day party. She is always a great help and so full of love. She is a great teacher and contributes so much to our school.

This 100 maze ended up being a little too difficult for our girls, but they really tried.

Snack time was great. I covered the placements in contact paper. On the back I had glued on ten circles that were labeled 10, 20, 30, and so on. They girls filled each circle with the snacks of their choice. Then we counted by tens until we got to one hundred.

We even let them have a little tea party. 
Next we had several minute to win it games. In this game they have 100 seconds to see how tall of a tower they could build.

Christy got the local bank to donate these green piggy banks and she got each girl 100 pennies. We had them race to fill their pigs. Then they got to keep they money. They felt so rich.

Here they had to pick up marshmallows with a straw.

In this sorting game they had to sort fruit loops with tweezers. They only had 100 seconds.

We even got in on the sorting action.
Our 100th day was a great success. It was so fun to plan and it was a great day! I am so proud of all these bright students have accomplished.

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