Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's About Time

I apologize to my mom and to my MIL for being derelict in my blogging. I am sorry, truly I am.

I have finally carved out a few hours and hope to finish several blog posts. Hopefully I will have enough time to complete even twenty posts in a row. Wish me luck.

We really have had a good year. It has been challenging and chaotic as we have been recovering from a devastating miscarriage and as my time has been really occupied with preparing and teaching my homeschool kindergarten, Peacefield Academy. I am doing well. I feel at peace with my life and I feel happy. I love my family and my amazing friends and acquaintances. I have more blessings than I deserve. I have taken LOTS and LOTS of pictures throughout this year and it looks like I have blogged only up until the end of February. I am so excited to show all of the amazing things that we have this year. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me during this year. Enjoy the pictures, and the occasional commentary. Thanks for reading!

On to the month of March!

She is often found with her nose in a book.

This is how Abby princesses wear their crowns.

We went to PF Changs for dinner for Benjamin's birthday. He asked if they had a free birthday dessert and then asked if it could be the great wall of chocolate. I thought that they would say no since this dessert costs $10. However, we had a generous waiter and we scored this amazing dessert for free!! He never ages. What a handsome guy!

We had sixteen snow days this year. Danville was not prepared to do with any amounts of snow. It seemed like we were out of school more than we were in this year.

Here she is working on her project for the 100th day party. She decided to cut out die cuts and place them in a pattern. It went heart, triangle, heart, triangle. It took some doing, but she glued all one hundred pieces to the poster eventually.

She also counted out 100 melty beads on this 100 chart and then formed them into the number 100. We melted it together and it worked out perfectly. That was such a cool idea.

Playing with dough is always fun. I love how loving she is.

Butterflies never go out of style.

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