Friday, September 26, 2014


Abby likes to write us notes, especially to show her displeasure with us. Sometimes she slips them under our door when she is supposed to be sleeping. One said "I am scared. I feel alone." These letters make me feel so bad, but also angry at her for not sleeping when she should. Ha!

"I am cold, please put a heater."

"I am scared"

She wrote this inscription on her cupboard. Apparently it needed to be labeled in a fancy script.

Abby was invited to her friend Jake's birthday party. It was spider man themed. She drew this card. It was hilarious though, she complained the entire time that she didn't like spider man. She sat there complaining as she drew it. I laughed so hard. I love how the card turned out.

Here is a to-do list from one of our school days:
free play
orbeez spa

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