Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Brothers

Matti has two older brothers. They are great. She is so lucky to have them in her life and they are so sweet with her. She refers to them as "the brothers." We were lucky to have them at school one day this year. They came and set up their train set. It was so large that it took up our entire school room. It provided days and days of entertainment for the school. We did a whole unit on trains and even visited the local train yards.

Here Matti and her baby Ella are painting Saint Patrick's day wreaths.

The girls made a store with the plastic food. They labeled each item and sorted it according to category. Then they tried to sell it to the brothers.

They used tally marks to count how much was owed and then collected money from their "shoppers."

Here's a random cute picture of my amazing husband doing his scripture study with Abby. I love them!!!!!!!

We built and rebuilt several different train towns over the next few weeks. These were an amazing addition to our preschool. Thank you Christy for lettings us borrow them and thank you Brennen and Grant for setting up this amazing track.

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