Saturday, October 25, 2014


In preschool we spent a month learning about and studying trains in preparation for special ride on a dinner train. It was a beautiful ride through the Kentucky horse country. We enjoyed the food, the entertainment, and the company. The girls were proud to show off their knowledge of trains and to se them up close and personal.

This picture really captures how fascinated she was by the whole experience.

We love this family and we are so glad that they let us come with them for this memorable experience.

In addition to the yummy food, we also had fancy desserts and got to listen to a stand up comedy show as part of the ride. It was a great night. The most embarrassing part was when one of our water glasses fell off of the table (maybe it was mine, I can't remember) and shattered in the middle of the floor. There were glass shards all over and the poor servers did their best to clean everything up.
I just asked Abby what she thought about our train experience:  "It was pretty fun, and yummy too. I love you mommy. It was beautiful, all of that red, it was AWESOME! Put a few more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! It was pretty hard to eat while the train was moving and I loved the chocolate train. Oh and don't forget, it was all red, the train."

I also had been working hard in preschool to teach the girls the words to the primary song "Beautiful Savior." They learned it from memory and then performed it at a small recital held at Christy's home. Several different people participated in the recital including Matti's brother Grant on the piano. Our church organist was at the recital accompanying some of the singers and she heard these girls sing. Then she invited them to sing the same song in front of the congregation at church. They accepted and performed so well. Matti didn't need the mike, so Abby had it all to herself. Here are some pictures as we are adjusting the mike and preparing for their song before church started.

I am so proud of these two for their willingness to share their beautiful spirits and talents with our friends at church. It was so powerful.

Kudos to anyone who noticed that Abby is indeed wearing the dress that she was blessed in as a baby. It still fits and it still looks AMAZING! Thank you grandma Lora for this beautiful dress.

Friday, October 24, 2014


It probably seems like all we do is play. That is mostly true. I do believe that children learn and experience their world through play. However, we also do A LOT of schoolwork. It's just that the pictures of the school work are not near as fun as the pictures of the field trips and the special outings.

Christy needed to get some things done at her lake house and she invited us to come and do school there with her. We accepted and then Benjamin and the boys met us down there for the weekend.

Here we are on a scavenger hunt. I can't believe I gave these girls my camera while we were on a moving golf cart. They did find most of the things that they had written on their scavenger hunt and took lots of pictures.

We picked some flowers from the yard for a bouquet.


Melty Bead attempts

Chalk art




Learning Foos Ball

Campfire S'mores

Movie Night


Photography (taken by Matti)

Learning how to back the boat down into the lake. 


Playing house

Workbooks, singing, shoe tying, coloring, cutting, writing, and yoga.

Releasing extra crickets that weren't used as bait.

This girl is like her mommy. She loves to be in water. 
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Relay for Life

Abby and I attended the Relay for Life and we bought a luminary in honor of Grandpa Richard. She decorated it and wrote notes to him. Then she picked a special location to place her luminary. She loved putting the can of vegetables inside along with the glow stick. We then stayed and enjoyed the activities, met up with friends, and walked laps around the track. We stayed until dark so that we could see the lights around the track. It was a special thing to focus on Grandpa Richard. We do not live very close to his grave and we are only able to visit it about once a year, so this was a nice opportunity to remember and honor him.

She wrote: "I mis yoo"
 On another Saturday, we all went to Lexington. We, of course, stopped at Benjamin's favorite place: the bookstore.
 We also stopped by a park and looked at some of the architecture in the area. We found these beautiful tulips and stopped for some pictures.

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Aww! She is the sweetest thing. Don't you love her creativity with the two headbands worn together? She dresses herself most days and has strong opinions about what she wants to wear.