Thursday, October 9, 2014

Devoted Daddy

 Here are Abby's thoughts on our trip to Chicago: "It was fun. Very fun! The Children's museum was so fun, digging up those fossils, it was so fun! All of the things were just so fun and all of the bubbles. It was really fun!
What science museum? oh yeah, I got to go inside a pyramid from, what is it called?, oh yeah Egypt. Are you writing everything I say? Ha ha ha ha! Really? Oh man! I liked to see all the mummies inside the pyramid."

Out hotel room had a beautiful view of the parks and the lake.

Abby dressed Benjamin up with her hat. She was wearing it like a necklace and then shared. This was at a yummy Thai restaurant that we would definitely go to again.

View of the aquarium. Sadly we didn't go there this time. 

On Saturday Benjamin took Abigail to the science museum. I had been there before and decided that I could save admission and stay in the hotel and work on my blog. That mightve been the last time that I blogged.... I got so many posts done. I felt a little bad sitting in a hotel room on such a beautiful day, but I felt so productive and was grateful for the chance to blog. I missed my sweet family, but was glad that they had some daddy daughter time.
Benjamin was so glad for the opportunity to teach his daughter things and to share his love of all things Egyptian with someone who is just as excited as he is.

He even let her do his hair. She thought this was so hilarious.

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