Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five Stars

It was a challenge to not spend too much money in such a busy and exciting place. We spent a lot of time just walking around and enjoying the city, but it was chilly and wet a lot. I didn't want to spend our days in the hotel while Benjamin was at his conference. I did some research and decided to spring for day passes to the Children's Museum on Navy Pier. We had never been there before. It was so worth it. That place is amazing. I even loved the gift shop and spent a lot of time there searching for ideas for my kindergarten.

We were asked to participate in a research study. They attached a monitor (maybe a pedometer of some sort) to a belt around Abigail and then asked me to record how long we were in each section of the museum. They were investigating which of the exhibits best got the children moving and active. As a result of our participation, they gave us a certificate for four free entrances to the museum. They don't expire, so we will definitely be heading back to Chicago to use those some time in the future.

I really loved this place.

Abigail overcome some of her fears and climbed up this.

My very favorite exhibit was the fort one. They created easily repositionable forts so that the children could build and rebuild forts. The room was full of old furniture, chairs, cabinets, tables, etc. that had small round nobs attached to them. The blankets and sheets were all fitted with lots of loops sewn on. These loops could fit over the nobs and the building possibilities were endless. We spent at least an hour in here.

Downstairs near the art room there was a clay station. Abigail built Thor.

 We also attended an art class where we build inflatable art. We decorated plastic sheets and then taped them together and attached them to a straw. Abby could then inflate her art like a balloon. I made her an inflatable Thor's hammer.

This baby took a long time to build, pretty creative, though, huh?

She, of course, loved the paleontology exhibit. Instead of sand, the material in here was made from recycled tires. They children were provided with brushes, gloves, and an apron. She "discovered" lots and lots of bones. I think she is patient enough to be a paleontologist some day.

We spent the entire day there from opening to closing. Then we had a nice long walk home. We stopped and played on lots of different sculptures and we had to rest a lot. Next time I think I'll spring for the taxi.
We did take a taxi ride once on this trip and Abby thought that it was the coolest thing ever.

This plaza  had sculptures of numbers arranged like a clock. Abby went all the way around and made sure to stand on each and every number.

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