Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In Character

Benjamin tells his students about Abigail all of the time. They love to hear stories about her, especially the female students. They had all heard about her Thor costume and so Benjamin asked me to bring her dressed up so that he could show her off. 

The Mjolnir was a present that we ordered off of Amazon for her. It makes a loud lightning noise when it hits anything. We definitely spoil our daughter. She is so appreciative of it though. In this case, we told her that we wouldn't be buying anything big while we were on our trip in Chicago because we would later be buying her the mjolnir. Then she didn't ask for toys while we were walking through all the stores in Chicago. It worked out well and the hammer has gotten a lot of use. It's cute when people, especially adults, try to lift her hammer and pretend that it is too heavy for them. So cute.

Her Thor costume didn't cost me anything. I took one of her grey shirts and put it on backwards. I cut up a red shirt and attached it with safety pain for the cape. I then cut out foam circles and safety pinned them on to the shirt. She is wearing black leggings. That was it. Super easy and super cheap.

Handsome Ben at the annual math vs. politics cornhole tournament.

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