Monday, October 13, 2014


I found a website with ideas dedicated to Koolaid. We tried a lot of them and had so much fun. It smelled so good.

We made Koolaid bubbles. 

We painted with Koolaid 

Then I got out the shaving cream (and the gloves) and let them get messy.

They mostly enjoyed mixing the koolaid in but they weren't huge fans of the greasy nature of the activity.

The last activity was mixing vinegar in with the koolaid. The explosions were fun and smelled great.

There were so many fun "k" ideas this week that it was hard to choose which ones to focus on.

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Lonna said...

My favorite Kool-Aid activity is the recipe in the little book I gave you for Christmas from Head Start, years ago. It is KoolAid playdough. It was by far my favorite playdough recipe ... and it really did smell good!