Friday, October 24, 2014


It probably seems like all we do is play. That is mostly true. I do believe that children learn and experience their world through play. However, we also do A LOT of schoolwork. It's just that the pictures of the school work are not near as fun as the pictures of the field trips and the special outings.

Christy needed to get some things done at her lake house and she invited us to come and do school there with her. We accepted and then Benjamin and the boys met us down there for the weekend.

Here we are on a scavenger hunt. I can't believe I gave these girls my camera while we were on a moving golf cart. They did find most of the things that they had written on their scavenger hunt and took lots of pictures.

We picked some flowers from the yard for a bouquet.


Melty Bead attempts

Chalk art




Learning Foos Ball

Campfire S'mores

Movie Night


Photography (taken by Matti)

Learning how to back the boat down into the lake. 


Playing house

Workbooks, singing, shoe tying, coloring, cutting, writing, and yoga.

Releasing extra crickets that weren't used as bait.

This girl is like her mommy. She loves to be in water. 
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Lonna said...

Caption: Ride 'em cowgirl!
Is that a real wetsuit that Abby is wearing?