Thursday, October 23, 2014

Relay for Life

Abby and I attended the Relay for Life and we bought a luminary in honor of Grandpa Richard. She decorated it and wrote notes to him. Then she picked a special location to place her luminary. She loved putting the can of vegetables inside along with the glow stick. We then stayed and enjoyed the activities, met up with friends, and walked laps around the track. We stayed until dark so that we could see the lights around the track. It was a special thing to focus on Grandpa Richard. We do not live very close to his grave and we are only able to visit it about once a year, so this was a nice opportunity to remember and honor him.

She wrote: "I mis yoo"
 On another Saturday, we all went to Lexington. We, of course, stopped at Benjamin's favorite place: the bookstore.
 We also stopped by a park and looked at some of the architecture in the area. We found these beautiful tulips and stopped for some pictures.

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Aww! She is the sweetest thing. Don't you love her creativity with the two headbands worn together? She dresses herself most days and has strong opinions about what she wants to wear.

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Lonna said...

Tulips in October.

Who knew?