Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Special Field Trip

Just like most girls in the country, our girls were obsessed with Elsa and Ana from the Disney movie Frozen. Here Abby is pretending to be Elsa. Jenny was a genius to send Abby this cape years before it became such a hit. Everyone comments on it everywhere we go. I even ended up making a matching one for Matti so that they wouldn't have to fight over it anymore.

Christy and I took the girls to see Disney on Ice for a fieldtrip one morning. 

Maximus was pretty awesome.

I brought glow sticks and princess water bottles that I had purchased at the dollar store hoping to curb their desires for the expensive souvenirs at these shows.

Ice skating is so fun to watch. The performers put on a good show and it was fun to remember some of the disney stories. I loved watching the girls watching the show.

They were also excited for all the extra floor space available in the conference center. I couldn't keep them from twirling. It was a magical day.

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Lonna said...

This will be a fun memory-very cool!