Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spring Fun

I started letting the girls practice basic sewing on my sewing machine. Abby was pretty scared of it and only wanted to make straight lines. Matti loved to move everything and change the settings every few stitches.  

I just love this picture. She is often found reading now a days.
 We joined our MOPS group for a playdate/fieldtrip to a local business. They took us down to their production area and let us mix up some lotion. They put in bubblegum scent. Blech. The children stirred vigorously and some of it got into Matti's eye. I flushed it out in the sink and then put eye drops in her eye. Never a dull moment.

This is the machine that fills the lotion bottles. I purchased sample bottles for the girls and then they got to hold them up to be filled with bubblegum scented lavender lotion.

Another day while we moms were having a fun conversation at the library, our dear children made a nice pathway with books all over the library. Embarrassing. They were so proud of it though. Books are made for walking on apparently. Yikes.

Ben's work offered a special event that taught about the Jewish Passover. We took the girls as part of their cultural education and they were well behaved during the dinner and the long reading of the passover dialogue. They loved the grape juice. They even tried the horseradish. The apple dessert had nuts in it, so we had to make sure that Matti didn't eat any of that. It was a very interesting dinner, although I was a little preoccupied trying to make sure that these little beauties weren't a distraction to others.
I gave them each a pencil at one point and they drew pictures of scripture stories in their booklets. Loved it.

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