Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Visitor Love

We were so lucky this spring to have a visit from our amazing Grandma and Aunt Jenny and her adorable and fabulous daughter. This was truly a great, great visit. 
Here we are taking a tour of Benjamin's work. Abigail decided to dress up and act elegant for the tour.

This is such a fun memory. She was so in character.

What a good looking crew.

She likes to be treated like a queen.

She took right to her aunt and never wanted to leave her side. The only trouble was that little Camille wouldn't have it. She loves her mommy and did not want to share. One time Abby was cuddling in Jenny's lap and Camille started screaming. Another time grandma had to take her out of the room so she wouldn't see Jenny doing Abby's hair.

I loved getting to spend time with this spunky girl. She is so perfect. I love her so much! Her personality is so cute. I am so glad that she came to visit.

I still have not finished her blanket. There are lots of reasons why. I am still working on it. I showed it to Jenny so that she would know that I am trying to finish it. Camille seemed to know that it was for her. She loved it. I really need to finish it. Maybe I'll stop blogging and start quilting. So much to do.

She wouldn't hold still for a picture. Most of the time I couldn't capture a picture without it being fuzzy. I love Abby's face in this picture.

Abby decided that she wanted to make another square for the quilt. I didn't have room for one, so instead I got her to make a lovie for Camille. Abby colored this and helped sew it. She was very proud of her work and we were able to finish it and send it home with them. Think of it as a preview for the quilt that you will someday receive. I promise. It's a good thing it's a twin size so that it will still fit her by the time she gets it. 

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