Monday, February 17, 2014

Random Photos Plus a Dollhouse Fieldtrip

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. Yum! 
The girls wore their costumes to school.

Christy took us on a special field trip to the Great American Dollhouse Museum.
We let them start out in the play area. Then we toured the museum. I love looking at all of the little dollhouses and the amazing details.
 The final activity was getting to build our own "dollhouses." We were provided lots of scrap materials, an empty box, glue, and markers.

Our girls had to be coaxed not to spend all of their time coloring on the boxes with markers. We lined our boxes with wall paper samples and carpet samples. Then we got to work creating our miniature worlds. The little girls focused mostly on making their roofs pretty. Apparently the roofs must be well decorated.

I made a zoo. The giraffe took up most of my time. I had to hold it together while the wood was drying.

This is Abby's box. She ended up making hers a party room. 

Christy's really looked like a bedroom. She had so many creative ideas. I love the detail. Love it.

Matti's box was pretty. She added as many decorations as she could.

We loved this project. I could spend hours doing this kind of thing. It was a great activity. It's now February and Abby still won't let us get rid of her box.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pictures Make Me Smile

Abby is a great cuddler. 
There were llamas in the middle of the road on the way to church one morning. Seriously.
 I haven't showed any pictures of my trays lately. Here are some of them.

We removed the paper off of old crayons and then melted them into Halloween shaped cookie molds in a warm oven.

"I" is for Iguana. I am always surprised by how motivating the puppets are to the girls. They have been a fabulous asset as we are learning to read. 

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. Paper bag puppets

Tracing the numbers to 100.

 Christy brought us over a Shrink-a-dink halloween box. These were SO great! I even got in to carefully coloring in the pictures. We used up a lot of our free play time coloring in the pictures.
 The best part, though, was watching them shrink in the oven. It was so fascinating how they would curl up and change and the shrink and then lay flat all in a few minutes. This was a great project.

I highly recommend these. We want to make them into some sort of charm bracelet.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Special Assembly

Christy, a Physician's assistant and exceptional teacher, came to visit our class to teach about health. She did a great job of incorporating our current letter into her presentation. The girls were captivated and learned so much!

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She was so patient as she carefully explained the different tools that doctors and nurses use to measure symptoms and to check out our bodies.

They each got a turn to play doctor. They looked so cute as they listed to each other's heartbeats.

She even let them write out their own prescriptions. 
 We absolutely love it every time that she visits our class. She is such a great teacher and obviously loves the girls. That was a great day. I am impressed how she is always willing to sit down on the floor with the girls and how she is great at simplifying complex scientific processes.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Letter R

I love it when others help me decorate the chalkboard.

I try to incorporate play dough a lot in an effort to strengthen their hands and fingers.

Rainbow TracingThe technique is fairly simple. You give each child at least three different colors of crayons and a shape, number or letter to trace.The children begin by tracing the shape with their finger.
Then the children use one color of crayon and trace the shape. Then the children use the second color to trace it again. Then they use the third color to trace the shape one more time.

We had lots of fun with these bubbles. We enjoyed seeing all the colors in them.

I found this rooster (it plays the "chicken dance" song and walks around) hidden away and we had so much fun playing with it again. The girls love to pick it up by its neck because it screams and squawks when you do.

I usually have at least two or three trays per week that come from confessions of a homeschooler. This one was matching capital and lowercase letters and took up a lot of room.